Take Care | Vintage Textile Care Instructions

Conscious consuming for us means looking at your pieces from a holistic approach. By buying less, better and making our clothes last, we’re helping to reduce unnecessary waste. Considering how you store, wear and wash your textiles is a simple step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. With a long term relationship in mind, treat your vintage items with these tips and help the longevity of your silk’s life!

Vintage Silk

Dry Clean

When it comes to washing silk, leaving it to experts at the dry cleaners is the absolute best way. Especially when handling stains.

Cold Hand Wash

You can safely hand wash your piece, separate from other colours, in cold water with a silk-friendly detergent. Place your silk garment in cold water with a mild detergent and leave to soak for no more than 5 minutes, to prevent hand-dyed-colours from fading. Swish the garment slowly and gently and rinse well with cold fresh water. To help keep it’s hydrated feel, use a fabric conditioner (or even a small amount of hair conditioner!) in the final rinse. 

To prevent damaging the fibres: do not wring your silk. Instead, ball your silk together to remove excess moisture. Then lay it flat and roll it in an old towel to absorb any lingering moisture. Lay flat to dry.


A steamer is best for silk, but you can also hang your silk clothes to steam while you take a hot shower.


If you can’t steam the creases out, then carefully iron your silk, only when it is dry! Wet silk is prone to water-stains. Flip the garment inside-out, put a cloth between the silk and the iron, and iron on low heat/silk setting. Don’t spray wet while ironing.

Hanging & Storing

The best solution for silk is hanging it in a cool, dark an dry place. This prevents creasing, fading of colour and weakening of fibre. Silk is a protein, this means it can attract moths, so adding a natural moth repellent is extra friendly!


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