Gachot is my intimate project of discovering and connecting with the precious heritage of textiles. 

About Gachot

Gachot is a small business run by me, Yara, and we are on a bold and ethical textile mission! By ‘we’, I am referring to all the people and hands that help create this brand. Because my brand is far from ‘mine’: more than anything, it is defined by the work done by all the people making everything. I am blessed to have the opportunity to introduce handmade products, to share my love for materials with a strong heritage, made by artisans in a fair and safe environment. From them, I have learned a lot about raw materials, origins and production processes and I love sharing these beautiful stories with you. Making you feel more connected to the things you buy and possess. To live a more conscious life.

This is my vision, how I see ethical entrepreneurship and its impact on partnerships and consumers:

  • Establishing valuable ethical partnerships and exercise fair trade.
  • Supply chain responsibility and transparency: connecting ethical partnerships and the choice for sustainable materials in the entire supply chain – from production, to logistics and operational management.
  • Conscious consumption: educate customers about this supply chain and the impact of their purchasing behaviour in an inspiring and positive environment.

This is how Gachot does it:

  • Small batch, ethical and fair production.
  • Focus on handmade products, artisan skills and natural materials.
  • Transparent consumer communication: educating, inspire and connect.

 Read more about our commitment to ethical & sustainable practices.