Pink City Suits

Wander around the palaces of the Maharadja in Rajasthan, India, and you will find an abundance of geometric and swirly shapes, combined with flowers painted in bold colors. Art and culture dating back from the Mughal era, which clearly left its footprints all around this magical state. Step onto the streets in any city in this North Indian state and the bustle, sounds, colors and smells will pleasantly overwhelm you.
This pajama suit captures that unique feel in a bold geometric and modern pattern. Screen-printed layer by layer, color by color, on durable and locally grown cotton, from farms surrounding Jaipur. Harvested after winter for you to wear all year round. It’s firm and durable cotton, making this set, worn separate or together as a vibrant pairing, particularly suitable for wearing outside. Without having to worry about see-through panty lines and stains after relaxing in the park.

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