Appliqué Clouds

The rural women from Rajasthan, India, support their husbands by changing the crops from their land into artful textile pieces. Intricate patterns are cut out of local cotton, and stitched by hand on sheer organza fabric, creating a decorative blanket.
The blankets were bought from the women and then used to rework into these magical robes by our partner women’s collective Saheli Women. They live in an area 60 kilometres north of Jodhpur, at the edge of the Thar Desert. This rural manufacturing unit focuses on women empowerment, skill training for livelihoods and a safe work environment and community for women of all castes.
All designs are different with their own unique pattern. Therefore we handpicked them, creating robes that are one of a kind. A lot of hard work from a lot of ladies results in a very special collection, with handcrafted robes that will certainly conquer a place in your heart.

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